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"Tested On Actresses; Never On Animals"

£19.00 *
Organic alcohol free styling gel-use wet or dry
£17.00 *

Paul Yacomine Micro Colour Collection Kit - 3 x 15ml luxurious treatement oils to maintain the condition & colour of hair

£25.00 *

Paul Yacomine Micro Colourcare Blonde - concentrated treatment enhances and rejuvinates blonde & highlighted hair

£18.00 *

Paul Yacomine Micro Colourcare Clear - hair serum for colour/chemically treated hair 50ml

£17.00 *

Paul Yacomine Micro Colourcare Conditioner - An intensely moisturizing luxury conditioner containing a unique combination of concentrated proteins, minerals and natural oils.

£18.00 *

Paul Yacomine Micro Colourcare Shampoo - ultra moisturising shampoo with low ph and sunscreens to help prevent colour fade

£17.00 *

Paul Yacomine Micro Fine Hair Conditioner - adds body, lustre & weightless shine to fine hair

£18.00 *

Paul Yacomine Micro Fine Hair Shampoo - intensive revitalising and thickening shampoo for fine hair

£17.00 *

Paul Yacomine Micro Treatment Oils - Pauls version of a serum without the build up and lighter on the hair

£12.00 *

Paul Yacomine Microfinish No 1 - ultra light finishing oil

£20.00 *

Paul Yacomine Microfinish No 2 - finishing oil for slightly heavier hair types

£18.00 *

Paul Yacomine Microfinish No 3 - finishing oil for frizzy hair types who need more control and also protects during heat styling

£20.00 *

Buy Straight Pin Studio Mini Essential Pin Kit - Fully stocked with over 120 hair grips, hair pins and clips



£25.95 *

Currently unavailable

Buy Straight Pin Studio The Big Bun - create the latest trend in ahir do's with htis Big Bun




£28.95 *

Buy Straight Pin Studio The Essential Pin Kit - The box is fully stocked with over 600 hair pins, hair grips, elastic bands, hair clips and a high quality hair net.



£59.95 *

Buy Straight Pin Studio The Essentials Padding - a selection of premium synthetic hair padding secured with high quality hair nets that allows for easy pinning and forming of amazing hair styles





£17.95 *

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