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  • Monday morning inspo 😍
Reposted from @the_wigs_and_makeup_manager - SOUND ON 🔈 This creepy silent film music is everything 🏰😂 To help create the Gothic Cathedral on my face I used a 3D paper model of St Stephen’s Cathedral. I half made some of the towers and cut out the windows to give depth and scale. I then airbrushed the architecture purple to give a more atmospheric feel and painted my own version using black and gold over the paper and onto the face. I blended the paper into the face using pieces of bald cap. It was surprisingly challenging getting the lines straight and blending paper forms into the face. Obscure but there you go.
Gothic Cathedral inspired by @crazydiamond10
SKIN: * @nyxcosmetics_uk Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation in ‘Vanilla’ & ‘Natural + Cant Stop Won’t Stop Concealer in Light Ivory
EYES: * @suvabeauty Cupcakes & Monsters Palette ‘Funny Face’ and ‘Sangria Sunday’s’
* @certifieye The Affinity Palette ‘Sana’
* @tattilashes TL6
ARCHITECTURE: * @temptu airbrush available from @gurumakeupemporium with @makeupforeverofficial M300, M110
* @graftobian Neon Pink & Powdered Cosmetic Metal in Gold + Magic Set * @mehron Paradise Palette * @tomfordbeauty Double Ended Eyeliner Pen
LIPS: * @tomfordbeauty Lip Color Matte ‘Pink Tease’
#makeuptransformation #nyxprofessionalmakeup #suvabeauty #makeuptutorial #creativemakeup #makeupvideox #crafts #crazymakeup #makeuptutorialsx0x #hudabeauty - #gurumakeup
  • Valentines inspo by the amazing #danessamyricks .
Reposted from @danessa_myricks - ❤️💕BE MINE💕❤️ Fall in love. With Pink & Red. a perfect combination!
Makeup: Danessa_Myricks
Photo: Danessa_Myricks
Model: @iamtuesdayrose
Get the look:
•Danessa Myricks Beauty Beauty Oil to prep skin
•Prism FX Hydrating Lotion mixed into the foundation
•Vision creme cover N6 & N9 used to shape and sculpt •Perfecting & Shaping wand TY01 & TP01 to correct under the eye
•Power Bronze (Shade 2) to shape and warm the complexion •Evolution powder shade 2
applied with a damp sponge .
•waterproof cream “Vivid” pallete
•NEW Light work palette for a subtle flow
•Halo powder in “Angel Wings”
*Metals in “Daydreaming”
•Cushion Color In “Cotton Kandy”
•Waterproof cream palette “VIVID”
•Metals pigment in “Daydreaming”
•Colorfix in “Primary Red”Brows:
@benefitcosmetics 24 hour brow shaper and setter
.danessamyricks #danessamyricksbeauty #evolutionpowder #freshface #editorialmakeup #glowingskin #glow #skin #skinisin #radiance #Glowing #beauty #pinkmakeup #pinkeyeshadow #valentinesdaymakeup #pink #masterclassaustraillia #redlips #pinkandred -
  • So beautiful & so talented 😍
Reposted from @the_wigs_and_makeup_manager - This is MAKEUP! FLAMINGO FRIDAY 💕 This was an exercise in symmetry, shading, and patience. The flamingo was suggested by my husband @tomocarb and was heavily inspired by @tinorodriguezartist piece ‘Strange Charm’ comprised of geese, recreated onto my face. I discovered this painting on Pinterest and later discovered Tino’s flamingo piece after this makeup. Tino’s painting work is extraordinary, beautiful and impressive. I’m so inspired by him! Fun fact regarding Flamingos: they are unique birds, not only do they mate for life, they also participate in synchronised mating rituals! The pair both share the task of building the nest together and caring for the babies as a family unit 😍😭💕
EYES: • @certifeye The Affinity Palette ‘Riz’, ‘Alia’ and ‘Munaza’
* @bperfectcosmetics Carnival Palette ‘Funki’, ‘Foolish’ * @hudabeauty Nude Palette ‘Play’
* @makeupforeveroffucial Pure Pigments 8, 12
* @katvondbeauty Lockit
SKULL: * @mehronmakeup paradise palette * @makeupforeverofficial 12 Flash Colour Case * Eyeshadows listed above for additional shading
SKIN: * @nyxcosmetics_uk Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation in ‘Vanilla’ & ‘Natural + Cant Stop Won’t Stop Concealer in Light Ivory
#skullmakeup #skullart #faceart #makeupart #makeupforever #nyxprofessionalmakeup #nyxcosmetics #mehronmakeup #huda #nyxcosmeticsuk - #gurumakeup
  • Love this beautiful creation by the gorgeous @eszterhercsik 😍
Reposted from @eszterhercsik - Little behind the scene peak from my latest DRYAD body-painting work.
Turned out @nikideligiorgi has dryad qualities and she is a nymph from the Greek mythology.
The team behind this exciting shoot, @samstormborn photographer & headpiece maker and photographer assistant @elysian.fantasy.artistry 🌳🍁🍂🌳🍁🍂
Dryads are considered minor and mortal goddesses who have exceptionally long life spans but are deeply and supernaturally connected to the trees they call home, and are limited to the space of the tree or the forest the tree grows in. If the tree dies, then the dryad could die along with it, which is a tragic vulnerability that is acknowledged by the gods.
Images are on the way 📸
Body-paintings @makeupforeverofficial Aqua Colour from @gurumakeupemporium 🎨🖌 - #gurumakeup
  • Stunning work of art from this incredibly talented lady...
Reposted from @the_wigs_and_makeup_manager - LV Floral Skull Mannequin 👩🏻‍🦲🌹☠️ I couldn’t resist pushing this makeup even further. Inspired by the @louisvuitton bespoke hand painted floral handbags, my floral skulls and the photo shoot I did last June with @jonasleriche where @gabihavens and I covered a model with 4500 LV logos.
Bespoke LV logos painstainkingly made by @face_lace together we weeded out these logos for 3 days
@jeffreestarcosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick ‘Blow Pony’
@jamescharles X @morphebrushes Palette eyeshadows ‘Skip’, ‘Single’, ‘Escape’, ‘Pinkity Drinkity’ and ‘Flashback’
@velourlashesofficial lashes ‘Magic Touch’
@makeupforeverofficial airbrush in White using @temptu airbrush stocked by @gurumakeupemporium @danessa_myricks Artisenal Pigments in ‘Love Story’
@sashaunisex Floral Tattoos
@mehronmakeup Paradise Paint palette #louisvuitton #jeffreystarcosmetics #morphexjamescharles #jeffreestar #makeuptutorials #makeupforever #louisvuittonbag -
  • Loving this 90's Supermodel inspired tutorial by Lisa Eldridge 💗
Reposted from @lisaeldridgemakeup - New Tutorial just went live! It’s a late 80’s / Early 90’s Glamazon Supermodel Inspired Look (aka Monochromatic Matte Browns) on the incredible model and author @charlihoward. Throughout the video Charli tells us the story of her troubled history with the modelling industry and the events that lead her to write two books on body positivity. It’s a classic! Click the link in bio to watch
  • This is a book we cant wait to see!
Reposted from @lansartlondon - 3 years in the making finally 2019 New Work New Book
Looking forward to getting back to the art scene this year.
#lanart #lipart #instagood #instapic #art #makeup #beauty
  • Happy New Year - wishing you all a wonderful 2019!
#positive #happy #newyear #newthings #2019 #gurumakeup
  • @gurumakeupemporium

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