Beauty So Clean Wipeout Brush Cleaner 500mlBeauty So Clean Wipeout Brush Cleaner 500ml




BeautySoClean a cosmetic sanitizer created by International Makeup Artist Nancy Crosby to meet the needs of working makeup artists concerned with cross contamination by using their products on a variety of clients.

BeautySoClean kills germs and bacteria, it is available in a Mist suitable for compact cream and powder formulas as well as individual Wipes perfect for cleaning mascara wands , lipstick bullets etc.

It will not change or alter the formula of your cosmetics and can actually help to maintain the quality of your products.
It is also ideal for personal use as dirty makeup can cause breakouts  and  keeping your products clean to reduce the build up of bacteria from the transfer of oils on your skin which can often cause glazing on powder products etc.

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