Dinair has been around for over 30 years - a range of airbrush makeup used by makeup artists in all fields from TV & Film to Photographic & Bridal.

With one of the widest ranges of skin tones to blush & eyeshadow colours for airbrushing a lot of makeup artists are happy to buy into this range & know they will have a colour to suit every skin tone & for every occasion.

The Glamour Foundation is a water-based formula that is silicone-free & very longlasting making it perfect for bridal makeup as well as makeup artists working in hot & humid conditions.

Guru has their own customised Studio Beauty Kits with a selection of the most popular skin tone colours for the UK & European market.

A Cruelty Free & Vegan range - view our full line of Cruelty Free and/or Vegan products.

Apply for a makeup artist Pro Discount.

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